Skilled manpower is the prime attribute of a well-managed business. Along with world-class technology, TRICO has a highly skilled workforce of 850 workers that ensure smooth production flow along with quality delivery.



We understand the importance of investing in our manpower. Based upon changes that are happening in the global apparel industry, we train our workers with the latest technologies and processes at regular intervals. Both in-house and external training needs are met to ensure our manpower resources are equipped with the right skillsets to deliver products of unparalleled standards.

Developing skilled manpower helps our customers gain from competitive advantage & economies to scale. The regular manpower enrichment program at TRICO not only helps add corporate value but also improves employee retention and output.

SA8000 Certified Organization

TRICO has been certified with SA8000 (Social Accountability) for being a socially responsible employer. The job satisfaction programs offered to our employees aim at their professional growth & development. It reduces employee turnover thereby controlling operational cost. Such programs also add on to organizational loyalty reflecting improved organizational productivity.