The global apparel industry is highly dynamic in nature. This is mainly due to constant changes that result from process innovations and product improvements. R&D forms a significant part of the apparel manufacturing system with specific focus on understanding the client ideas to details, sourcing the right fabric, improving designs, patterns, prints, stitching details, till creating a streamlined production process.

The state-of-art R&D facility at TRICO plays a crucial role in the success of an apparel idea. A dedicated team of apparel experts is on a constant endeavor to produce the perfect garment prototype backed by highly qualified technicians and highly skilled workforce. Along with our in-house design studio, we create the perfect garment prototype by taking care of each detail from fabric to the design details.

The Research & Development helps our clients fetch exclusive fabric with improved quality like new material with good appearance, touch & feel and comfort. The R&D works hand-in-hand with in-house design studio using innovative technology to create the right apparel prototype before the actual production takes place. It also includes ideas on fabric treatments, colouring, stitching, spinning, measurement fit, quality evaluation, and much more.


"Transforming creative
ideas into a perfect prototype! "

TRICO’s research and development consistently endeavor to produce apparels of the highest global standards in par with client expectations. From sustainable sourcing, resource utilization, to responsible waste disposal – R&D ensures ethical & sustainable manufacturing practices.